Monday, May 11, 2015

The Middle Class Roots of Communism

In order to avoid repeating it, we need to understand history. One misunderstanding that appears to be in the air today in the United States is that communism failed because of corrupt leaders who were only after power and luxuries. Another misconception is that being middle class is somehow a disqualification for being a "real" communist leader. A third point of confusion is the idea that people studying the law do so necessarily out of a "capitalist" desire to make a lot of money.

In fact, most of the most well known communist leaders of the 20th century came from the middle class and many of them studied the law. To learn more about this, listen to today's podcast on Pubwages:

You might also enjoy learning about my great uncle Julius Katz-Suchy, by reading this article:

Chocolate Under Communism

For a musical version of the story, you might enjoy this video:

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