Thursday, December 1, 2016

Neal Auction Company Cites Historia Obscura as a Reference

Historia Obscura is my site, although I am not myself a historian.  One of my star authors is Pam Keyes, who is an expert on Jean Laffite. Today I found out that Neal Auction Company cited one of Pam Keyes' articles published on Historia Obscura as a reference in one of its auction catalogues.

Page 68 of Neal Auction Catalog references Chew article
In the Neal Company catalog for an auction in New Orleans to be held this month, there is a painting by Salazar of Daniel William Coxe, a merchant under whom Beverly Chew apprenticed, according to the article by Pam Keyes cited by the auction house in their catalog

It is very gratifying to see experts in valuable historical portraits citing articles published on Historia Obscura.


  1. There is an auction house here in my city, and one night I spotted people going in to look at the paintings. I have never gone because I know I could afford those, but how exciting if you could get a real John Laffite piece?

    1. Yes, it would be nice. But those auctions sometimes display some beautiful artworks and also explain their history better than a museum would, so if you can get in for free, it is worth the show, even if you can't bid on anything.