Thursday, April 28, 2016

Endorsement of Austin Petersen

[This a Vlog Post in which the text is from the embedded video.]

I'm Aya Katz, and I support Austin Petersen for President of the United States. I first heard of him when he was talking about letters of marque and how we could cut down on our military budget by issuing them. Well, I... one of my favorite heroes is Jean Laffite who saved the United States during the Battle of New Orleans. And he did so by having a letter of marque not from the United States, but from the independent Republic of Cartagena. So what we need to do is to repeal the Neutrality Act so that Americans can get letters of marque from other countries in order to fight on our behalf without involving the United States in a declaration of war.

I also believe in cutting off all foreign aid to any country, and I do this with all the best intentions in my heart. Because I know that it would be so much better not to send money to Israel to bribe it not to fight its enemies, while at the same time sending money to the enemies so that they can build weapons.

And I am against U.S. Fish  Wildlife who want to confiscate the chimpanzees that belong to American citizens while sending taxpayer money to Africa.

So this is the reason I support Austin Petersen, and I hope to go to Orlando to help him get the nomination of the Libertarian Party.

Thank you.


  1. It is good to hear why you support Austin Petersen. Thanks for sharing your views.