Thursday, January 3, 2019

Is YouTube a Content Farm?

Back in February 2011, Google issued the Panda Update to its algorithm. Among other things, this update targeted "Content Farms", and Hubpages, where I used to write, was found to be a content farm.  At the time, I was making money by writing articles, and Hubpages had a mechanism to get these indexed on Google so ordinary people could discover my articles. At the time, YouTube was not a source of income for me, but I began to used it create videos to illustrate my articles. Here is the first video ever that I uploaded to YouTube, as part of an article called "Chocolate Under Communism".

After my traffic on Hubpages was destroyed by the Panda Update, I hosted articles on sites of my own, such as PubWages and Historia Obscura . But eventually only YouTube videos and their monetization brought me pageviews and income.  In suggested videos, YouTube pushes videos that appeal to the lowest common denominator. YouTube is filled with a diverse group of content providers. By its own definition of a content farm, Google is running a content farm. But now they are going after their own content farmers... What gives? Is this censorship? Or are the powers that be just making sure all content creators have to be employed by large corporations?

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How Would You Enforce A Nuclear Weapon Ban?

Some viewer on my other channel wrote that owning a chimpanzee is illegal worldwide. This kind of reminds me of Olivia Underling in "Ping and the Snirkelly People" informing Ping that Santa Claus delivers Christmas gifts to children worldwide.

 Where have you ever been? I want to ask this person. Do you have any idea what is going on worldwide? Have you ever left the State or Province you live in? Is this a fantasy of yours?

There is no law against owning a chimp where I live. And there is no law forcing me to put a safety net on my trampoline. There is no law telling me that my little girl and my little chimpanzee cannot jump up and down on the trampoline without a safety net. In fact, Sword and Bow did just that when they were little.

We don't need a law telling us not to do dangerous things. Some of us will do dangerous things and live. Others will do dangerous things and die. We all will die in the end, no matter what we do, so why not take those risks we feel are worth taking?

When it comes to weapons, some weapons I may want to have, and others I have no desire to own. For instance, I do not want to own a nuclear weapon. But if someone did own a nuclear weapon, what could we possibly do about that? Do you think he would tell us that he had such a weapon? Even if he did, how would you enforce a nuclear weapon ban against him? Think about it!