Friday, November 24, 2017

The Long Distance Collaboration that Led to Audible Vacuum County

Those of you have been following this blog may remember that earlier in the year, I was very preoccupied with the death of the poet F.L. Light. 

I wrote about Light, my expanding view of him over time, and how I found out about his death. Then I wrote about what had happened to his works online after his death.

Shortly after that, I started to talk about Kelly Clear and my collaboration with him over an Audible Edition of Vacuum County.

Kelly Clear, laughing

For anyone who might be interested in how these events are connected, and how I found such a great voice artist and musician to help me with this work, here is a video that explains everything. For me, it was serendipity, pure and simple.

If you would like to read Kelly Clear's review of Vacuum County, here it is. It's there with all the others. Right below it is the review by F L Light, entitled "Aggressive Hospitality."

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Doesn't Consent Matter?

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Today I published my short story, F, on Kindle. It costs less than a dollar. Go and check it out. It's a good light read with a twist ending. It also happens to encapsulate an issue that everyone seems confused about today.

  • Is it okay for the government to use its police power to coerce people to submit to groping and sexual assault? Doesn't consent matter?  Is it okay if a TSA agent does it on the job as part of his duties?
  • Is it okay to use your economic power as an individual to solicit sex? Doesn't consent matter? If a Hollywood mogul requires it of an actress in order to be cast for a part, can't she just decline the offer and forgo the part? 
  • What is the difference between economic power and government power? In a free world, do you think there will be no prostitutes? Doesn't consent matter? Can prostitution be just one of the duties required of an employee who also does something else that is of value?
There you have it in a nutshell. Read the story. Leave a review. Let me know what you think.