Monday, June 1, 2015

The Return of Rationing

Just as it was in Weihsien Internment Camp for enemy aliens, and in the United States under FDR during WWII, it seems we are arriving at an era of rationing again. There seems to be a mysterious shortage of eggs in certain parts of the United States.

Whataburger can serve breakfast only while supplies last, due to an egg shortage.

Now, eggs come from chickens, so a shortage of eggs implies a shortage of chickens. In most cases such shortages are government induced and are not inherent in the circumstances. People who raise their own chickens usually have a surplus of eggs, but are often prevented from selling them to other people who want them.

The current egg shortage is said to be due to an outbreak of avian flu among the nation's biggest producer of eggs in Iowa.

But the idea that egg production has to be so centralized that no other source of eggs could compete has something to do with the fact that small producers are not allowed to sell directly to the consumer without undergoing inspection and licensing.

There are many movements afoot to discourage the eating of eggs and even buying them from one's neighbors.

And while many of these laws are local and vary from state to state, soon the the Federal dietary guidelines are going to contain a provision that food consumed has to be sustainable from a global standpoint.

From the Government's Committee on Updating the Guidelines
"Support Universal Food Security" is one of the values the government is espousing, That is tantamount to saying that free market principles go out the window, and food will be rationed so as to be available equally to all, even people overseas.

This policy will not enhance biodiversity, even though that is another of their goals. Centralized planning is never good for biodiversity.