Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Declaration of Independence Through Theodosia's Eyes

The Declaration of Independence is one of the founding documents of the American republic. But it is also Thomas Jefferson's lasting legacy as an individual. Despite the many signatures at the bottom of the document, everyone knows that this is Jefferson's literary masterpiece.

Jean Laffite was a very big fan of Thomas Jefferson. Theodosia Burr despised him. Their contrasting views of the man and of his words and deeds are a big part of the conflict in Theodosia and the Pirates. 

When Theodosia and Jean first meet, the following exchange sets the stage for all other encounters that concern the virtue of Thomas Jefferson.

This fourth of July, if you are looking for a fresh new perspective on Jefferson's legacy and his literary oeuvre, the Declaration of Independence, you might want to consider Theodosia and the Pirates. It deals with issues of high interest to American patriots.

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