Thursday, October 20, 2016

If We Stand Together, No One Can Stop Us

The real problem is that we are all so divided. Nobody dares stand up to our oppressors, because we cannot seem to agree that it would be a good thing to do. If we ever did act as one, then there would be no limit to what we could accomplish. That's why it is very important to keep talking to our neighbors, even when we belong to opposing political camps.

There is a meme going around: "I hope we can still be friends after the election, even if we are in different internment camps." And yes, there are people who see an internment camp in their future.

What would it take to fight the relentless march of government over our lives? The courage to do what you feel is right and the conviction that all your neighbors will do the same.

Excerpt from Our Lady of Kaifeng: Courtyard of the Happy Way

What would it take for all of us to act as one against the guards? Do they have to put us in a camp before that can happen?


  1. I have never agreed with the out and out stories of FEMA camps being prepared for all Americans. There were cases where we had to evacuate due to fires, and yes FEMA did run evacuation centers for people who could not afford to have a place to go. The thing was even back in 2003, FEMA was telling everyone they had run out of money, and this was way before Hurricane Katrina. What I do agree though is passing more and more taxes and regulations is not helpful to us as people. I would like to believe that being a child was fun when you go for for a walk down the street with your friends without the police calling parents neglectful for letting kids play. It seems now everyone has to be monitored constantly in some fashion. No one is capable of just being, which is ironic because the powers that be due have varying opinions. It would make more sense to let a small business thrive without crushing them with taxes. Are we not capable of buying a product that is made well from a company with sustainability. I think a lot of people can do that without regulators passing more and more laws and taxes about it. Anyway, the big corporations just outsource their products and pollute in other countries when the small toy manufacturer here in the US is subjected to many regulations. So all the regulation in a way just helps the big businesses with interest in Washington.

    1. I don't necessarily think we will all wind up in FEMA camps, but the extent that the government regulates everything to death, then we are all in the same giant concentration camp.