Saturday, June 3, 2017

Laissez Faire in All Things

Lately, I have been experimenting with turning some of my essays into videos. Not everybody likes to read. Some people prefer being read to. Here is the latest video in this vein.

The text of this video can be found here. 

Ostensibly, the above video falls into the genre of the self-help, since it is a response to a similar effort by The School of Life. But at heart, what I am trying to say is the same as in this essay about nature and the free market. 

Th text to this video can be found here

I don't think that people who believe in socialism came up with that belief in a vacuum. I think it permeates their understanding of everything. They think it applies to love, to family, to society and even to nature. I keep getting inundated with ads from Jane Goodall. The latest one was to the effect that if I send her enough money, then "nature can win!"

Sorry, Jane, but nature always wins.  It does not need money from me or you  to function. We are a part of nature. There is no way to escape it. Nature's code of laws is self-enforcing. Any attempt to get away from the natural consequences of our actions is futile. But if we just go with the flow, if we just let things be, then we can be the beneficiaries of the consequences of sequences of events that cascade all by themselves.

Love is like that, too. It's not necessary to second guess everything. We don't need less ego to enjoy it. We can just understand this one simple thing: taking and giving happen simultaneously without "exploitation" when you just allow people to do what comes naturally. 


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  2. I know laissez faire is most ideal, but we do live in a world community, and in my thinking striving to lower our emissions can only have positive impacts. But in general, I think people will start to support companies that do more good than harm, so the free market economy will win out anyway. However, due to increasing population and the course of our planet's life cycle, there is only so much we can do. With that being said, I just cannot endorse a president who purposesly is against everything in his super brash way. He has no plan for increasing American jobs. I am not seeing the doom and gloom everyone protesting against him is talking about, but I am not seeing the great results either. But it is only common sense to do what we can to make the air more breathable in populated areas like California, but we are going to continue to do that anyway. In more rural states this is not really an issue.

    1. Of course, we will do what we can to make the air around us clean. But there is no need to sign a treaty telling us we have to do it in a certain way, particularly when we would be tying our hands in ways other signatories to the treaty are not.

    2. But since most countries recognize this treaty and most of us agree lowering emissions is in our best interests, it is in the spirit of fellowship and world community. I just do not see the point of saying no to this and not to that everything. And right now the California economy is improving despite all they say against our clean air laws. A guy just came bacl frp, out of state and he admired the efficiency of how things are just done here with technology. He commented that restaurants in Europe and other states just feel like something out of the 80s. I do not care personally, but this was just an observation from a man who travels extensively.

    3. There is nothing to keep California from complying with the treaty. The nice thing about freedom is that you are free to do good things. You just aren't told what to do.

      People sometimes act as if the laws on the books are what keeps us from doing bad things. But in fact, if all the laws were removed, most of us would behave well, and there would be brave people who would also work to keep others from being molested. The only thing government was ever intended to do was just that.