Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Fallen Leaf

Sometimes, at the very moment when a leaf falls off a tree in autumn, a great gust of wind sweeps it up, and it appears to fall upward, instead of down. This is the same way we seem to be uplifted when we fall in love. Only later do we realize that we are falling, sinking into the ground.

When I think of that aspect of falling in love,  Luna Tsai, a character in Our Lady of Kaifeng , reminds me of the song "A Fallen Leaf".

What seems like the warm affection of an autumn breeze can be the cruel blow of inevitable death and decay.

But you would never know this watching the leaves as they fall by ones and twos from the sky, far above the tree from which they sprang.

They seem to be flying so high, they could never touch the ground again.


  1. The leaves look romantic when these fall.

    1. Yes, they do look very romantic, flying high in the air!