Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ships Names: "The Patriot" and "La Diligente"

Theodosia Burr Alston was last seen on board The Patriot  on December 31, 1812. That was also the last time The Patriot itself was ever seen. At least, it was never spoken of under that name again. But did you know there is a long history of ships named The Patriot? It is a very common name for a ship.

Ships named the Patriot

The above link is to a database of reference to ship names. There have been many such ships over the years, including during the 20th century. But it is interesting to note that even during the War of 1812 there were ships named Patriot on both sides of the ocean.

Once a ship was captured, its name was often changed, and it was put to good use by new owners. Could the ship named The Patriot on which Theodosia was sailing have been captured? Might its name have been changed? In Theodosia and the Pirates: The Battle Against Britain that is exactly what happened:  The Patriot was renamed La Diligente.

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